Ultimate Guide to the Best Towel Warmers

Unless summer lasts for year round and the air is always hot enough to dry your wet towel, having the best towel warmer at your disposal is a must. The last thing you want to have for drying you off after a nice shower is a damp towel. It won’t absorb the water as efficient as it should, leaving you with a very uncomfortable situation. Besides, a moist towel would be a great place for any fungus to start growing. You don’t want to use a towel on which fungus is thriving, do you? So why you actually need this bathroom appliance is out of the question.

What Are Towel Warmers?

Generally speaking, it is a specially built rack that heats up when activated so any wet towel you put on it will dry off faster than it would. Some towel warmers come in the form that is much similar to a cloth dryer but in terms of functionality, nothing is too different. Most of this bathroom appliance is mounted on the wall so as to make it easier to connect it with the electrical circuit in your house. However, some manufacturers have started to offer the freestanding model over the last few years. You can use it immediately with almost zero installation but I wouldn’t recommend it if your bathroom is small.

What Are the Advantages for Using Towel Warmers?

Well, it’s a no brainer, right? Your bathroom will always have moisture in it, hence, your towel will never dry off on itself. You need a tool to make it dry faster unless you don’t mind some nasty mildew putting up unsightly black freckles on your towel. And that tool is a towel warmer. More than just for its functionality, you’ll also appreciate that having it in your bathroom can also elevate the overall look of your shower space. Most of this appliance features either a brushed nickel or polished chrome finish which helps emphasizes the modernity of your residence to the glancing eyes.

Top 5 Towel Warmers

Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Radiant Curved Towel Warmer

Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel WarmerFeaturing ten crossbars, Amba RWH-CB can make sure that you don’t have to wait so long until your towel is ready to use. They will help distribute the heat in larger parts of your wet towel, making it dry faster. There are a few options on how you can use it. Firstly, you can turn it on using the built-in switch on the right bottom of the unit. Secondly, you can just plug it in your wall outlet when you need it. And lastly, you can buy a separate programmable timer, set it, and forget it. The stainless steel it’s made of is of a premium grade. It sure looks good on any modern bathroom but since this must be mounted on the wall, there’s bound to be some work to do to complete its installation. Good news is you don’t have to mess your wall so bad because it uses a simple outer mount to fix and secure its position.

Amba RWH-CP Hardwired Radiant Curved Towel Warmer

Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel WarmerThis is actually an identical model to the one we just reviewed. The only difference is, instead of coming with brushed nickel plating, Amba RWH-CP features a chrome finish that sure looks much more appealing, at least for me. Strangely, its listing on Amazon says you can have it for lower price (about $20 cheaper). If I were you, I wouldn’t let this chance slip through my fingers. Anyway, given that it’s identical, you still get to enjoy faster and optimal drying through its ten stainless steel crossbars. They are curved outwards so as to keep some space with your wall. When activated, the heat is dispersed through them all in a matter of minutes. Even the supportive vertical bars are heated, so really, you don’t need to wait for so long until your tower is dry. The voltage and wattage of this unit respectively are 115 volts and 150 watts.

Warmrails WHC Hyde Park Standing Floor Towel Warmer

Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Family Size Floor Standing Towel WarmerWarmrails WHC is a freestanding towel warmer.  What I like about such a model is that I don’t have to go through all the hassle hardwiring it and mounting it on the wall. Furthermore, since it’s not attached to anything but a wall outlet, you can move it around your house and use it wherever you need it, like in the kitchen for instance. You’re going to love it there as you simply can hang your wet hand towel or anything that needs to be dried off. The only disadvantage is that it may add a little clutter to the room; so, I wouldn’t recommend it if your space is somehow limited. The number of bars is set to 8 which is less available space to hang multiple towels. Also, it doesn’t seem to be heated as quickly as Amba’s towel warmer. The instruction says that it’s better that you leave it on all day all night to keep the rails warm all the time.

Warmrails HSKC Kensington Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer

Warmrails HSKC Kensington 39.5-Inch Wall Mounted Towel WarmerApparently, Warmrails also has a wall mounted towel former, just in case you’re not very fond of what the freestanding version has to offer. Anyway, despite being wall mount only, Warmrails HSKC Kensington doesn’t necessarily require any hardwiring. If you want, you can as well be alright with softwiring. My take? I’d totally go for hardwire. This towel warmer consumes less power than that of Amba. The wattage is only 105 watts which wouldn’t make much different on your electric bill if you keep it on all the time or turn it on when you need it only. Still, the choice is yours. The box includes everything you need to cover both hardwiring and softwiring installation. As far as construction goes, nothing is too much different from the freestanding model. It still features 8 crossbars made of stainless steel and comes in both chrome and nickel plating. For worry-free purchase, the company provides a relieving 1-year warranty.

LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Drying Rack Freestanding Towel Warmer

LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel WarmerI put LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar at the end of this list because it’s built of aluminum frame, instead of the standard stainless steel. Not that it’s not good. It’s just not common for a towel warmer to feature aluminum. Anyway, on the bright side of things, this unit is lightweight in terms of both physical weight and price. As of the performance, you shouldn’t take it lightly. This thing can reach its optimum temperature of 122 F in just 30 minutes; almost as fast as the premium warmers by Amba. At last, it can be installed as a wall mount unit but the box includes a set of freestanding feet in case you want it to be more portable.