Top 5 Double Shower Heads Review

Taking a shower together with your couple would be a pleasant thing to do until you know you have to share the hot water. Watching your couple splash the warm water all around while you get caught up in cold waiting for your next turn to stand under the shower is not fun at all. To get around this problem, it might strike you as a good idea to install one of these best double shower heads. With two separate streams on your disposal, no one needs to wait and freeze in the shower. Your spouse is happy with you for being considerate to take the time for an intimate moment in the bathroom and you never have to get cold again. What could be better?

What Are Double Shower Heads?

The name says it all. Double shower heads are simply a certain shower head model that offers two separate spray faces. There are two different versions as for how they are assembled. One is simply by incorporating a special split shower arm that can be connected to two shower heads. The other is by pairing a handheld unit with a common wall mounted shower head using a special bracket or a separate diverter. Either way, this kind of shower head would be great for a newly married couple or anyone who likes to have some romance and spend the time together in the shower.

What Are the Advantages for Using Double Shower Heads?

More than just some fun shower romance, there are more benefits for using this particular model. In a situation where you and your couple need to go to work on the same time, installing a double shower head is the most cost efficient solution to make sure you won’t end up being a late comer at work. Setting up two bathrooms sure is nice but the cost you need to cover is way too high compared to the previous option. Additionally, even though there a number of shower heads that offer a combination water spray, having two shower heads set on two different streams is always welcome.

Top 5 Double Shower Heads

Grohe 27007000 Free-Hander Shower System

Grohe 27007000 Freehander Shower SystemFeaturing the company’s Freehander shower system, Grohe 27007000 allows you to enjoy and choose from up to 18 different spray patterns. Even though in reality you will hardly use each of those options regularly, they are still very much welcome. To be specific, the Freehander system consists of an outer and inner shower heads plus a specially built arm that supports them. The arm has a joint that pivots 180 degrees while the shower heads themselves can be turned up to 360 degrees. In other words, you get to set it as an overhead shower like usual or full body spray. The best thing of this Freehander is that it’s equipped with self-locking function. Once you set the arm on a certain position, the joints will lock it automatically, preventing it from flutter up or down. Anyway, this unit is amongst Grohe top tier shower heads. So naturally, all those goodies come with the company’s amazing StarLight chrome finish and other handy technologies.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Function Combo Showerhead

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld ShowerheadRemember when I said some double shower heads comprise a head and a handheld unit? Well, Ana Bath SS5450CBN is one of them. Instead of buying a separate a 3-way diverter mount, you could just fetch it and install it right away. The box has included anything you need to get this up and running; the handheld unit, the shower head, the hose, and a diverter. Both the handheld and the shower head have five different stream options. So, if you’re much of a “number” man, I’m going to say it to you that it offers 25 different combination sprays in total. Anyway, while it is possible to pause one head, you can’t shut them both off at the same time. The only way for you to conserve some water is by pausing one unit and set the other on the lowest setting. In addition, the shower hose that comes with it is 60-inch long and made of the same corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Speakman VS-123011 Dual Showerhead Combo System

Speakman VS-123011 Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head Combo SystemSimilar to the former, Speakman VS-123011 is another dual shower head combo system featuring a handheld unit and a fixed shower head. The difference is it is more pricey but looks far better, thanks to the slide bar. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone that has zero experience with any plumbing works because this combo shower can’t be typically installed with just sealant tape. Also, even though I really like how the slide bar looks, the diverter it’s connected to is the 2-way version. What it means is you can’t turn on both shower heads at the same time. The company thinks that it’s better because that way you can conserve more water but I personally think that it’s not very cool. Still, that can be solved easily using the low priced Delta 3-way diverter. Anyway, in spite of that, both shower heads feature the well-known Anystream technology that allows you to switch between settings effortlessly.

Zoe First Mate Double Showerhead System

First Mate Double Shower Head SystemMind you, the first company that came up with the idea of making a double shower head is Zoe and things weren’t so smooth for them back then as they had to face the unbelievable amount of fine for supposedly violating the 2.5 GPM standard shower head law. That aside, now we arrive on this superb Zoe First Mate Double. Featuring twin shower heads that pivots on ball joints, you can have a real romance during the shower. These shower heads are connected to a split arm, allowing you to have them on at the same time. The only downside is you can’t shut off one of them; it’s either you have them both on or you don’t. Anyway, the split arm can be attached to any standard ½-inch shower arms using plumber’s tape and do realize that such an arm is not included in the package. You only get the tape.

Sportsheets Dual Showerhead

Sportsheets Dual ShowerheadThe closes competition to Zoe’s innovative combo is this Sportsheets Dual Showerhead. Its plastic packaging says it clearly that it’s a product specifically made for adults but I could care less with that. The only thing that I want to tell you is that with its lower price tag comes a whole lot cheaper looks. It’s blatant plastic with no chrome disguise or whatsoever. Both shower heads and even the split arm itself can swivel but the overall construction looks pretty fragile. You wouldn’t want to play it too rough when switching between the spray patterns if you want it to last long enough.