Top 5 Best Shower Panels Review

What is the latest invention on the bathroom department that will make even the fanciest rain shower head look like a thing from the past? In case you haven’t heard, it’s one of these best shower panels. Its cutting edge design will definitely make your shower feel like a compartment on NASA spaceship. But more than just a nifty appearance, it also packs a whole lot of functionality. Like I told you, rain shower is no longer a big deal. With this on your shower, you can simulate a waterfall. Sounds amazing, huh? Well, read on to know the best of them and what they have to offer.

What Are Shower Panels?

Generally, a shower panel is a complete shower system in which all shower fixtures you can virtually think of are combined. From a handheld unit, a rain shower head, a body massage spray and even a waterfall shower head; all are packed in one single panel. Despite being relatively new, it’s already come in various designs and materials. The one I like the most is that made of clear tempered glass. It looks very luxurious yet elegant and not excessive at the same time. Anyway because most of them come with unbelievably high cost, they are commonly installed on exclusive 5-star hotels and other luxurious resorts only.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Shower Panel?

Most guests who come to take a look at your house will generally place kitchen and bathroom on their must-see list. The easiest way to impress them is by having such a fancy and exclusive stuff like a shower panel. With its edgy and futuristic look, it’ll steal their attention the second they step in to your bathroom. But more than just a show-off property, it will also greatly improve your shower experience. With all of its shower options to use, never again will you feel your life as being boring and monotonous. The waterfall shower head, especially, will revive you and make you feel like a newborn baby.

Top 5 Shower Panels

Decor Star 004-SS Rainfall Shower Panel System

Decor Star 004-SS Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage SystemFeaturing a solid stainless steel construction, Decor Star 004-SS offers both durability and high-end modern European design. Despite the abundance of options that come with it, controls are surprisingly simple. I’m sure it won’t take long until you get a hang of it. There are five control knobs upfront, four of which are associated with the four shower functions in this shower panel: Waterfall, Rain Shower Head, Horizontal Body Massage Spray and Handheld. Simply twist the corresponding knob to adjust the stream on the function you desire and just for your info, you’re allowed to turn all four of them on. The knob on the lowest position is actually a thermostat which is cool, considering you now can have zero chance of getting burnt in the shower. Anything you need to quickly install it is included but keep in mind that since this is an all-in-one system, you won’t be able to customize it in the future.

Blue Ocean 52″ SPV878392H Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 52-Inch Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower HeadIf you don’t really like with the minimalist design of the previous panel and would like it to have a few different accents, you’re probably interested in Blue Ocean 52″. Despite featuring the same solid stainless frame, this shower panel is layered with 5-mm blue tempered glass, making it look more luxurious. Furthermore, although you won’t be able to control the water temperature as it’s missing the thermostat, you can still closely monitor it via the digital display at the top of the panel. Other features are almost the same, except the Waterfall overhead shower. As an exchange for that, however, you have access to the tub spout at the bottom of the panel. Installation shouldn’t be too overwhelming as all the accessories you need are included with the package. The only minus point I can think of is that it doesn’t allow the users to turn on multiple fixtures at the same time. So, forget about enjoying a rain shower together with refreshing body massage spray.

AKDY 787392B Rain Style Shower Panel System

AKDY 787392B 52 Inch Rain Style Massage System Shower PanelOffering a striking black panel surface made of high quality tempered glass, AKDY 787392B isn’t hard at all to be loved. Rain shower head, a handheld shower, horizontal body spray; everything is packed in one good system. In addition to that, it also offers a tub filler at the bottom and an LED display to inform you regarding the water temperature. The LED display is battery-powered but the LED lights which are built into the rain shower head and handheld unit runs using the water pressure. There are two control knobs that you can turn with ease to adjust the entire functions on this panel. The lower one is used to set the water temperature while the upper one allows you to turn on one shower function at a time. The whole unit mounts on a bracket that you have to install on your wall first. Before you do that however, make sure you have connected the standard 1/2-inch hot and cold water hose to your plumbing pipes.

Blue Ocean SPV962332 Thermostatic Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 52 inch SPV962332 Thermostatic Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower HeadDespite the name, there is nothing blue in this shower panel except for the tiny backlit display. That aside, Blue Ocean SPV962332 in itself is an outstanding spa shower module. It has everything you need to turn your shower cubicle to an exclusive personal. From the massage spray jets to the drenching rainfall coming out of the overhead shower; it’s all packed in one complete panel. Personally, chrome plating will look nice on this unit but I guess polished stainless steel is good enough. You also get a built-in mirror and glass shelf to put your shower essentials. I’m not sure if the mirror is fogless, though, but today you can get a third party fogless spray coating easily from the market; so, it’s no big deal. The body massage spray has 8 different stream settings, so you won’t be bored experimenting with that. As a final note, remember that this unit is made in China. No need to worry too much, though, because every purchase is eligible for 1-year warranty.

AKDY AZ-8863 Rainfall Shower Panel With Tower System

AKDY AZ-8863 63 Inch Chrome Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel Tower SystemNow the last three shower panels we have reviewed have one thing in common: that they seem like a modular parts put together. If you’re not very fond of that and need it to look more like a whole unit, AKDY AZ-8863 is what you look for. All the shower fixtures are built into a single ultra-modern stainless steel panel. The two rain shower heads above, four body massage jets, and a cutting edge handheld on the side; everything can be turned on together. There isn’t any LED display on this panel but you get to control the water temperature easily via the turn knob on its side.