Top 5 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors

The moisture in your bathroom air makes it almost impossible to keep any regular mirror fog-free without you interfering. Even if you do wipe it with your hand, you’re still bound to find a few white flecks that won’t go away unless you rub them off with wet cloth. Pretty annoying, isn’t it? Especially if you shave regularly. Luckily, today’s technology makes it possible for the some special mirrors that won’t turn foggy to be manufactured. These special mirrors will save you from any hassle for keeping them clean all the time. Scroll down and find out more about some of the best fogless shower mirrors you can get for cheap.

What Are Fogless Shower Mirrors?

In general, these mirrors are those that come with a built-in mechanism to produce heat. This heat is essential to keep the mirrors fog-free as it prevents the water vapor in the air from condensing and blurring the mirrors. In the past, this was achieved by powering the mirror with electrical current which then heats up its surface. However, since such is dangerous especially in a place where water is abundant, manufacturers started to invent a new method. Today, all fogless shower mirrors are heated using hot water contained in a small built-in tank on their back, giving you clear visuals while keeping you safe from unwanted hazard.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Fogless Shower Mirror?

Clearly, a fogless shower mirror helps you a lot in getting a clean shave. The real question is why you would want to shave in the shower if you can do it at the sink where it’s less humid and the mirror is clear. Well, let me explain that. First, the moisture in your shower helps soften your skin, making it less prone to any irritation during the shaving process. Next, since your skin is more hydrated when you’re in the shower, all those dead skin cells can be removed more easily. In other words, when you’re shaving in the shower, you not only get rid of your facial hair but also your dead skin cells. Lastly, don’t you think it saves time too if you do all the shaving in the shower?

Top 5 Fogless Shower Mirrors

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

ToiletTree FoglessIf the 30-day money back guarantee it comes with means anything, it would be that this ToiletTree Fogless is absolutely a fine product. Built out of high quality acrylic that will not shatter by common drops, it promises durability, simplicity, and functionality. The box includes a pair of silicone adhesive that can safely mount it on your shower wall. Despite being very reliable, the silicone adhesive can be easily removed, so you do not have to worry about it giving some damage on your wall. The water tank is built right behind the mirror. Simply pour some hot water in it before you start your shower and by the time you finish, it should be ready for use; clean and clear. The unit comes with a squeegee but I doubt you will ever need it because like I told you, this mirror is so amazing it hardly needs any cleaning.

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Cassani FoglessRemember when I told you that most fogless mirrors make use of hot water to keep the fog off of their surface? Well, not with this one. Cassani Fogless takes a different approach and offers you with nanotechnology coating infused into it. It sounds fancy, indeed, but you have to know about the implications that follow. On one hand, it’s great that you don’t have to bother yourself filling and emptying the water reservoir every time you want to use it. On the other, I doubt that it will stay fogless forever. If anything, the nano-coating will wear thin overtime and fog starts to plague it. Still, I reckon that’s quite long before it takes place as this mirror is still getting good reviews from the users. Anyway, its mounting also affixes to your shower wall using adhesives. Sadly, since the mirror is just hooked on the stainless steel mounting – no bracket or whatsoever, you can’t tilt it to get a better angle.

InterDesign Forma Suction Fog Free Brushed Stainless

InterDesign Forma Suction FogIn terms of price, InterDesign Forma Suction Fog Free seems very appealing. You can get one piece of this shower mirror for just seven bucks right now at Amazon. However, do realize that with its low price come a few hiccups that may not please you. For one thing, it uses suction cups to mount itself on your wall. Now realize that suction cups only work great on smooth surfaces; so, if your bathroom wall is neither glass nor smooth acrylic, you can skip over this unit. Other than that, I think this mirror is a good product. It features a sturdy steel frame along with a curved shelf to pace your shaving cream can and a couple of razors. Just make sure you peel off the protective plastic layer of the mirror before putting it to use. Also, whenever you’re done, hang it upside down to let all the hot water in the tank drain out.

The Shave Well Company Travel Mirror Fog-Free

The Shave Well Company Fog-FreeThe three products we have reviewed so far are meant to be use at home. The Shave Well Company Fog-Free, however, is small enough to fit even a small space in your travel bag. To be specific, the mirror measures about 4 x 6 inch and the suction cup it comes with can be easily removed too. Again, you need to make sure that the wall you’re going to mount it on is real smooth and clean. I might as well suggest you that you wipe it with alcohol first. Otherwise, the suction cup won’t work and you’ll be irritated finding the mirror drop off many times. Good news is the mirror is shatterproof. To use it, you just need to rinse it under your shower water for a few seconds and that’s it. The mirror will accord its temperature to match the water and you’ll see no fog in no time.

ClearMirror Heated Fog-Free

ClearMirror Heated Fog-FreeIf you don’t really like filling any hot water into the back of your fogless mirror and draining it out after each use, perhaps you want to upgrade to ClearMirror Heated Fog-Free. It features a special pad that will produce the necessary heat for the mirror as electrical discharge is flown into it. You can install it on the same circuit that empowers your bathroom light or using a separate switch. No need to worry about electrical hazard. The unit comes with low-voltage adaptor that will secure the heating process. The one and only downside of it is the costly price tag. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re very devoted to shaving or other shower beauty treatment.