Best Bathroom Fans Reviews

Having a good-looking bathroom is a real pride of any home owners, until the time comes for you to clean and rub away all those black spotty mildews. That’s not fun at all, I know. If you want to considerably cut down your role in maintaining your bathroom, consider getting one of these best bathroom fans. They will let in some airflow to your bathroom, subtracting the moisture and steam, stopping the life cycle of those nasty mildews. In addition, they will also help dry off your shower faster without opening the window and letting the chilly air come in.

What Are Bathroom Fans?

In a nutshell, a bathroom fan is a mechanical device that’s designed to help improve the air quality inside your bathroom. This is done by sucking out the humid air inside to be channeled outside afterwards. If the ventilation in your bathroom is low, installing such a device is a must as it’s the only way to reduce humidity. As you know all too well, a wet and humid air facilitates fungus to grow and thrive in your bathroom. Not to say that if it’s left untreated for a long time, it can also damage your bathroom walls. Trust me you don’t want that to happen. The cost is just way too high to fix it.

What to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Fan?

The first and foremost thing that you must pay attention to when looking for a bathroom fan is the CFM number (Cubic Flow per Minute). Generally, you need a CFM of 110 for a standard size room and 150 or above for a large room. Next, you should find out if the noise it makes is tolerable. You don’t want to deal with overwhelming racket each time you step into your bathroom, do you? Additionally, look at its overall dimension. Check if the size fits to the available space in your bathroom. The perfect setting would be to place the fan right above your shower cubicle. Lastly, you can consider the color and finish it comes with.

Top 5 Bathroom Fans

Panasonic FV-08VQ5 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic FV-08VQ5Whatever it is that makes a bathroom fan good, Panasonic FV-08VQ5 has it all under its hood. For one thing, this unit is certified by Energy Star which means its power consumption has been suppressed as low as possible. To be exact, it runs on 14.7 watts. For your information, most fans in this range of CFM consume 10% more power than that. You don’t want to end up with a high spike on your power bill after installing an exhaust fan on your bathroom, do you? The fact that it runs on such low power consumption is partly caused by its small CFM number. Specifically, this unit is equipped with one fan only that is capable of performing at 80 CFM. That would be ideal for room which is less than 100 square foot large. Lastly, it’s a truly quiet fan. Don’t believe me. Check out all the reviews it gets on Amazon and you’ll know for sure that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it’s really quiet.

Panasonic FV-08WQ1 70 CFM WhisperWall Mounted Fan

Panasonic FV-08WQ1Earlier before, I told you that the ideal setting to mount a bathroom fan would be exactly above the shower enclosure. Unfortunately, there are a few conditions in which any cell mounting is impossible, in apartments for instance. If you live with such a condition, you’re going to need a wall-mounted bathroom fan. One of the best of such fans is Panasonic FV-08WQ1. Running at a lower CFM ratio of 70 CFM, this fan offers the same conveniently quiet operation. Similarly, its wattage is kept at 17 watts which would hardly be a new burden on your electricity bill. Now the thing with all Panasonic exhaust fans is their motors are permanently lubricated. I’m not sure as of how it’s achieved but that can guarantee a consistent performance through a long period of time, even if you never turn it off. You may think that it’s too good to be true, but like the rest of its siblings, this fan is also backed up with 6-year warranty for its motors.

Delta Breez VFB25AEH 130 CFM Exhaust Fan

Delta Breez VFB25AEHSo far, all the bathroom fans we talked about are designed for small rooms. If your bathroom is kind of large – over 100 square foot, they won’t work effectively. You need a stronger fan, like this Delta Breez VFB25AEH. Operating at 130 CFM, it should be able to draw out all the heat and moisture trapped in your bathroom without virtually any problem. It’s also got a certification from Energy Star as a power-efficient appliance, so you don’t need to concern too much about your power bill. The most interesting thing, however, it comes with a control switch that you can mount on your wall. This switch allows you to turn it on the full speed mode or use its humidity sensor. The latter will only activate the fan when it detects too much humidity on the surrounding environment, which is a great feature if you want to save more on your power bill.

Air King AK100L Rectangular Bath Fan

Air King AK100LAnother great option for standard size bathroom is Air King AK100L. This 100 CFM fan would be an effective tool to overcome all the humidity that seems to keep your bathroom floor wet. Even better, you can also put a standard light and night light on its housing, making it look more attractive. The maximum bright light you can pair it with is 100-watt one while the night light is set on 7-watt. There is a detail instruction that walks you through how you can wire the fan and the lights separately. Strangely enough however, the bulbs are not included; so you have to buy it for an extra cost. By the way, this unit runs on sone rating of 2.5. At that rate, you will definitely hear some humming sound which may appear too loud for some of you. To give you a rough picture on it, 1 sone is almost equal to the sound of modern refrigerator.

Broan QTXE110FLT U;ltra SIlent Bath Fan With Light

Broan QTXE110FLTOn almost double the price of the previous unit, there is this Broan QTXE110FLT. This 110 CFM wall-mounted bathroom fan also features a fluorescent light and night light. While the bulbs for night light are excluded, you still get the handy 36-watt fluorescent light bulb. Also, in exchange of the higher price, you get a fan that is a whole lot quieter. At 0.7 sones, you will hardly hear anything. And did I tell you that it’s qualified by Energy Star too? Finally, to help put your mind at ease, it comes with 1-year warranty. Too bad it doesn’t detail whether it’s for all parts or the motors only but all in all, this is a fine piece of bathroom fan.