Full Exhaustive Guide on the Best Handheld Shower Heads

How many times do you think that you have rinsed yourself clean enough at shower only to find that there is still a bit of unsightly residue in here and there? Not only is it ugly but also it may lead you to a unhealthy skin condition. If you’re not really fond of this prospect, you may consider having one of these best handheld shower heads. In contrast to the fixed and mounted shower heads, using a handheld gives you more flexibility at shower. You can easily rinse parts of your body that you may miss when using fixed shower.

What Are Handheld Shower Heads?

While common shower heads are fixed either on the ceiling or on the wall, handheld shower heads incorporate a detachable design, enabling the users to move them around for more versatile use. They are connected to the water outlet using a flexible hose which mostly are made of stainless material. Once you think you have rinsed the entire body of yours, you can simply put it back to the mount clip. Anyway, there is a growing trend today that people combine a handheld and a fixed shower head. I think that’s a good idea, given that handheld may be a bit impractical when you’re in a hurry.

What Are the Advantages for Using Handheld Shower Heads?

Obviously, you get more flexibility when using a handheld shower head which is extremely necessary if you have young children or pets at home. Asking your children to move around in the shower is really not safe as they can be slipped on the wet floor. Similarly, showering your pets using a fixed unit will only get you some frustration since they will splash the water all over. A handheld unit can cover all parts of their body while keeping them still. Also, if you have sensitive skin that can’t stand powerful stream of water needle, a handheld unit will certainly be helpful. Simply adjust the setting on the lower stream and move the shower head closer to you.

American Standard 1660.628.002 Hand Shower Kit

American Standard 1660.628.002Speaking of a complete handheld shower system kit, there seems to be nothing better than American Standard 1660.628.002. For the good amount of investment you cover beforehand, you get everything you need to install it quickly. Firstly, you get a shower head with five different functions that can be easily adjusted with a simple twist. Next, it comes with a 59-inch long stainless steel shower hose that allows you to reach even the most difficult area on your body. In addition to that, there is this nice polished chrome standard slide bar measuring in at 25-inch; no need to buy a separate arm for the handheld unit. Anyway, the slide bar has a pivoted joint. So if you’re too lazy to grab the handheld and move it around, you can just adjust the angle on the slide bar. Last but not least, you’ll love the wall supply as well as double-check valve which are included in the box.

Grohe 2817900 Top 4 Handshower

Grohe 28179000Now if you’ve already had a handheld shower system kit installed and simply looking to replace the head, Grohe 2817900 is the best thing you’ll find out there. Like all bathroom fixtures manufactured by Grohe, this handheld unit is not some cheap stuff you can find anywhere. For starter, this shower head comes with four adjustable spray settings that you can easily changed to suit your mood. I found the Champagne and Pulsator settings are great for after work shower. Secondly, the company’s SpeedClean and anti-lime system makes it a complete breeze to maintain this costly unit. No, seriously; if you’re going to pay almost 100 bucks just for a handheld shower head, you will want to make sure that maintenance is no fuss and it lasts long. Speaking of long-lasting products, this shower head comes with timeless starlight chrome finish that can’t be tarnished which is awesome. Finally, the GrohClick snap coupling helps keep the hose in order.

Delta 58467 2-in-1 Handshower Showerhead

Delta 58467Two-in-one is how they call it. Delta 58467 serves not only as a handheld unit but also a fixed shower head and by “fixed” I mean like any regular mounted shower heads that have large spray face. In terms of value for money, this unit is sold for lower price than Grohe’s product we reviewed before but has already included a stretchable shower hose. So, it’s clearly worth every penny. Now if you’re still not convinced, do know that this model isn’t some basic handheld. Not only does it come with 4 adjustable settings but also it has a nice pause button that can stop the water completely and turn it back on without a fuss. I find it very helpful to save water without having to switch to a low-flow shower head and just for your info, very few shower heads have such a feature. Anyway, while it’s nice to see that the box has already included a long hose, you still need to buy the arm and flange as they both are excluded.

Waterpik TRS-553 5 Mode Handheld Showerhead

Waterpik TRS-553Now if those three so far seems to be way out of your current budget, Waterpik TRS-553 might interest you. You can have this handheld shower head for less than $30 and as far as the features are concerned, it doesn’t seem to differ very significantly from its competitors. First off, it comes with the company’s OptiFlow technology that can increase water pressure resulting in 30% more powerful spray. While it doesn’t offer a handy pause feature like Delta handhelds do, it does offer a spray-controlling ring that you can turn to both strengthen and lower the water flow. A five-inch flexible hose is included in the box but sadly, it doesn’t have the same chrome finish as the handheld does. Anyway, installing this handheld unit is really a straightforward process. You hardly need any tool to complete it. All you need is a sealant tape and a bit of confidence. To keep it long-lasting, you must not forget to rub dry the nozzles each time you finish shower.

Speakman VS-3014 Handheld High Pressure Showerhead

Speakman VS-3014From the Caspian Anystream handheld shower head series by Speakman, there is this another 2.5 GPM unit. In terms of features and functions, the Speakman VS-3014 is quite similar to the previous model in this list, only it’s slightly more expensive. Firstly, you get to chose between three different settings it comes with. Secondly, it can be installed in a snap too. You just need some plumber’s tape, which is already included too, to secure the connection between the hose, bracket, and the handheld. Anyway, this model has an identical sibling that runs at 2.0 GPM, so make sure you don’t make the wrong pick.