Five Great LED Shower Heads That Will Light up Your Bathroom

With all the stress and strain at work, it’s easy to feel bored or even frustrated that you’d end up hating your lives. To get the fun that rejoices and enlightens our lives, sometimes, all it needs is we reverting back to the childish side of ours. Add some more colors to our routines, including that we do in the bathroom, and we may rediscover the joy that has been long gone. Today’s technology makes it possible to manufacture the best LED shower heads that will certainly spice up our normal shower experience. Read on to figure out the top 5 models.

What Are LED Shower Heads?

Equipped with turbines, LED shower heads provide you with colorful lights during shower without you bothering to insert any battery. The turbines will start rotating as water flows through them, enabling them to generate enough electricity to light up the LEDs. What’s neat is that most LED heads out there are geared with a temperature sensor and microcontroller. In other words, the LEDs will change color as your water temperature rises or goes down. So, other than the fun factor, it does have some other functionality which is to signal you when the water is ready. Gone are those days when you get burned accidentally by the boiling water flowing out of your showerhead.

The Advantages for Using LED Shower Heads

LED shower heads come up with colorful lights to spruce up your morning and evening shower. Turn off all the lights in your bathroom, let things go dark, and you’ll realize how shower can be quite exciting with these LEDs. If you live with a partner, inviting his/her to a dark shower with only the LEDs lit up can be a romantic mood booster too. In addition, the ever-changing lights emitted by the LEDs can also act as a visual reminder for you. You can tell by the colors when your water is not very hot or cold; no more annoying burns and cold surprises.

Top 5 LED Shower Heads

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP LED Showerhead System

Ana Bath LSS5430CCPAna Bath LSS5430CCP LED shower head is a combo shower system, meaning you get a fixed shower head and a handheld unit together with its shower hose. What I like from Ana Bath’s combo is that it always features a 3-way diverter mount. Such a diverter enables you to turn both the shower head and the handheld on at the same time. While it doesn’t allow you to hit a pause on both heads simultaneously, you’re allowed to have one of them on in a time. Anyway, the LED installed on this unit has only blue color, so it won’t change no matter what the water temperature is. Also, since the LED utilizes water pressure to power itself, it’s a good idea to only have one showerhead on at a time. The reason is because the pressure will undergo a slight drop when you turn on both of them and the turbines can’t tolerate it. Not only will the LED lose its intensity but it will also make a high pitching noise.

LightInTheBox Ouku LED Square Shower Head

LightInTheBox Ouku Led Shower HeadLightInTheBox Ouku is an LED shower head that comes in the form of a rainfall unit. Strangely, it can only be mounted on the wall using any standard shower arm, which is excluded from the box. Not a big deal I believe since you can simply attach it on your old shower arm. Like many basic rain shower heads, it only has one spray pattern. It does have a ball joint connector, though, that allows you to swivel it for better angle. Anyway, the LED does respond to the water temperature and is capable of changing its color to green, blue, and red. Green will turn on the lowest temperature while red indicates the water is hot. At above 124 F, the LED will start flashing like a disco ball. I wouldn’t try it, though, as that will be too hot for me. As for end note, notice that it is made in China and doesn’t come with any warranty or whatsoever.

LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7 LED Combo Showerhead

LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7Coming in as a combo shower system, LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7 offers seven different LED colors. The colors change not based on the water temperature, though. Instead, it is set to change automatically every few seconds; much like that color changing mouse, I’d say. Anyway, the product is covered with a one-year warranty. So if you ever find that the LED burns out within that period, don’t wait to contact the customer service. They’ll send you a replacement part right away. As for the functionality, it’s a pretty good shower head for its low price. Both the handheld ad the mounted shower head offers four different stream patterns that you can experiment with. The typical 3-way diverter is used, allowing you to turn both units at the same time. A stainless steel hose which is 5 foot long is included along with a plumber’s tape. As for installation, all you need is a screwdriver.

Happy Shower 12 Light LED Shower Head

Happy Shower 12 lead shower headSeven LED lights of different colors are plenty enough for me but if you don’t think so, have a look at Happy Shower 12. This shower head is equipped with not less than 12 LED lights that will change color accordingly with the water temperature. Needless to say, the LEDs don’t run on battery. Instead, it makes use of the water flow to turn the turbines and generate electricity for it. That would eliminate all the risk of electrical hazard but if your water pressure is low, you’d better forget it. The LEDs won’t light up and you’ll end up with quite annoying racket that comes from the turbines running improperly. Anyway, beside the bountiful LEDs, this unit is a very basic one. There’s hardly anything to brag about, except the free shower cap that’s given as a gift for a limited time. Finally, there is a 60-day extended warranty that should be sufficient for a product in this price range.

VDOMUS LED Multicolor Handheld Showerhead

VDOMUS LED multicolor shower headFeaturing an out-of-the-box design, VDOMUS LED Multicolor handheld shower head is perfect for those who want to look different in the shower. Instead of the usual boring bell-shape design, this shower head offers a modern minimalist style with its long bar design. If only it was made of metal instead of ABS plastic, I would rate it 5 stars for its great design. The LEDs can change to seven different colors and use the water temperature as a hint. The shower hose is not included in the box but you should expect it already given how low this product is priced.