Five Best Steam Showers Reviews

How does converting your bathroom into a personal spa sound to you? That must be terrific, right? Well, now with a nice amount of investment upfront, you can have your own sauna in your bathroom. One of these best steam showers will help you with the transformation. Do be careful, though because once it is in, you may never want to leave your bathroom as it has literally become the most comfortable zone in your house to relax in. Having a deep and sound sleep at night will not be difficult anymore after you relinquish any weariness in the steam shower.

Steam Showers Defined

As you can tell by the name, steam shower is a means to enjoy bathing with water vapor in your very own bathroom. Depending on the manufacturers, some of them are sold in a complete package that includes a separate enclosure, a generator, as well as common shower fixtures. Some others, however, are sold with only the generator, giving you a much affordable option to choose. The generator is as big as a breadbox and usually stored under sink cabinets. Once it’s activated, it will start converting your water into vapor and channel it to the enclosure. The amount of water it consumes varies but mostly not far more than 2 gallons per 20 minute steam.

Benefits for Using Steam Shower Heads

It’s a no brainer that having a steam shower in your house is a good thing but in case you fail to see it, I’ll spell out the benefits for you. First, you no longer need to have a go to your local gym just so you can enjoy sauna. Considering winter is coming soon, that would be very nice. Next, the steam treatment can greatly improve your skin’s health and beauty. Additionally, if you have a family member that has respiratory problems, bathing in steam is proven to ease the issues. On top of all, you get to relax and enjoy yourself better with all that warm steam.

Top 5 Steam Showers

Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Enclosure

Ariel DZ959F8-L Platinum Steam ShowerAside from the high cost it poses, Ariel Bath DZ959F8 is simply an amazing steam shower. There is a lot to love from this unit; from the 6KW steam generator that’s built into the enclosure to minimize clutter in your bathroom, six body massage jets, up to a premium ceiling mounted ran shower head. To add up the natural spa-like image, this unit also comes with nice wooden floorboards and an aromatherapy system. Do note that the latter does not include any oil of your liking; so you have to buy that on your own. Cleaning and maintenance is made easy, thanks to the drainable shower tray. Anyway, even though the box has already included a very detailed image-supported instruction as for how to set it up, I wouldn’t suggest that you cover all the works all but by yourself. There’s an overwhelming amount of things you need to put up together and if you miss one part, you risk starting it all over again.

Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Enclosure

Pacifica Jetted Steam ShowerFor those looking to have some nice contemporary addition to a modern bathroom, Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower is among the must-see options. Unlike the former unit who bends more toward the natural Zen spa, this model offers a cutting-edge design that will suit any minimalist and modern bathroom. The dark exterior paired with the glowing blue interior makes it look like an enclosure from a spaceship. Appearance aside, it doesn’t lack any functions that make up for a good steam shower. While the steam engine it features is somehow less powerful than the previous unit, it still comes with both rainfall shower head and a handheld unit. There is also a body spray supported by 6 adjustable jets that can simulate a relaxing acupuncture massage. As for the overall construction, you wouldn’t need to doubt a combination of fiberglass and acrylic. The outer glass is tempered too. Last but not least, you can’t beat the lifetime warranty.

Eagle Bath Steam Shower Sliding Door

Eagle Bath Steam ShowerIf your bathroom space is kind of full already, Eagle Bath Steam Shower may have something to interest you. The design that comes with it allows you to just place it on a tight corner. No need to worry about it getting no attention from your guests because the soothing blue light from its interior is just too beautiful to ignore. The steam generator uses the same amount of wattage to run as that of Pacifica and it offers a cleaning function too which allows for easy maintenance. To wash away all the sweats after the steam treatment, there is a nice rain shower head mounted on the enclosure ceiling. And while it lacks a handheld unit, it still provides a relaxing acupuncture massage through the 6-jet body spray. I think that one can be easily overlooked. After all, anyone who bothers taking a look at it is more interested to the steam shower experience it offers rather than the shower fixtures it comes with.

KOHLER K-1733-NA Steam Generator

KOHLER K-1733-NASo far the biggest steam power we have looked at is 6KW but with KOHLER K-1733-NA, we’re talking about a steam generator that runs on 9KW. What does the power difference affect, you ask? Well, it’s pretty obvious, right? The bigger the power of the steam engine, the faster it generates steam for you to enjoy. With this beast right here, you only need to wait for less than a minute before you can actually relax bathing in soothing steam. Now do learn that buying a complete steam shower unit is completely different from buying a standalone steam generator. The latter literally excludes all other amenities you may find on the former, like rain shower head, etc. You even have to buy Kohler steam generator control kit, which is sold separately, in order for this machine to work. On the bright side of things, you have more freedom and options for its installation. Just make sure your shower space is 113-240 cubic feet.

Amerec AK7 Steam Generator

Amerec AK7The major selling point of Amerec AK7 is its capability of producing “soft steam”. In case you wonder, it’s actually a term coined by the company itself to refer to a steam that’s perfect for relaxing. It is achieved by keeping temperature fluctuations to a minimum while dispersing the steam evenly to all space in the enclosure. Not bad, I’d say, especially when the engine runs on 7KW. That’s should be enough to get the steam ready for you in one minute. Not fast enough, you say? Well, this engine’s got a “Warm Start” feature that, if activated, keeps the water in the reservoir mildly heated. So the next time you turn it on, it’ll hardly take a minute before the steam comes out.