Five Best Shower Arms in 2017

Have you seen any corrosion on your existing shower arm? Well, if you haven’t, it doesn’t mean you’re lucky. It’s just not the time yet but trust me corrosion will eventually build up on it leading to a leak. When that happens, you need a replacement. In this guide and review, I’ll show you some of the best shower arms manufactured by commercial companies out there. Not only will they return your shower to its former glory with all the fancy chrome and nickel finish, but also they’ll allow you to make a few adjustments that will certainly improve your shower experience.

What Are Shower Arms?

Shower arms, on their own presence, can be described as the metal pipe fitting that is installed in between the shower head and the water supply behind your shower wall. The standard one that’s commonly preinstalled on any house is very prone to being corroded as it comes out of the factory as a very standard unit. Not to say that it’s usually installed too low on the wall, requiring you to duck whenever you take a shower. The commercial one, however, usually features durable plating that protects it against corrosion even scratch and tarnish. Needless to say, the plating also makes it much easier to the eyes too.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Third Party Shower Arm?

Well, how does anti-corrosion shower arm sounds to you? It’ll save you both time and money for maintenance in the long term and that’s just one benefit for using it. The chrome and nickel finish also makes it looks more appealing, giving some more focal points in your shower. In addition, most of them allow for a few adjustments to be made. You can stretch it to make your shower head hang higher above you. Since most of them come with ball joint, you can easily twist it too to angle the shower head better. All in all, such a shower fixture is worth every penny you throw at it.

Top 5 Shower Arms

Danze D481116 S-Shape Shower Arm

Danze D481116 13-Inch S-Shape Shower ArmShelling out thirty bucks for a shower arm probably sound a little bit too much but if you value quality more than other aspects, you may want to check out Danze D481116. The high price tag it comes with is probably caused by the solid brass construction it features. That should be able to keep it functional for a very long time. Besides, the various finishing it offers would make it blend perfectly to any kind of decoration theme you have in your bathroom. Currently, this shower arm comes in 5 different colors: antique copper, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass. In terms of functionality, it helps extend your shower head up to 13-inch from the wall. Height wise, it also levels it up to 12-inch high from your current wall outlet. This would be perfectly paired with a rain shower head which commonly requires higher installation to give the desirable effect.

Moen S113 14-Inch Shower Arm

Moen S113 Waterhill 14-Inch Shower ArmDoes your current flange extend so short that you hardly have any room to turn just to stay under the shower? Well, if yes, you’re going to love Moen S113. Coming in the shape of a hook, this shower arm can extend your shower head up to 14-inch from your wall, providing you with ample space to move around. It’s also going to be handy if your shower head is kind of large in size. In terms of longevity, you can bet that this is not a model that will diminish in quality after a few years. Otherwise, the company won’t be too confident to offer a lifetime warranty. Similar to the previous shower arm, you can choose from the 5 nice selections of colors it has: wrought iron, oil rubbed bronze, nickel, chrome and brushed nickel. Anyway, if it is a high extension that you want, it’s probably not the best option for you. This unit can only give your shower head additional height of 4-inch.

MODONA AC42-AS-Inch Solid Brass Shaped Shower Arm

MODONA AC42-AS-Inch Shaped Shower ArmAffordable shower arms don’t just show up around the corner and when they do, they usually come in poor quality but it’s not MODONA AC42-AS-Inch. Although you can have it for relatively cheap, its well-built construction can guarantee a worry-free long term use. This “S” shower arm is 13.5-inch long and 10.5-inch high. With such dimension, it can provide approximately 6-inch of height to the current position of your shower head. As far as the customization goes, it doesn’t have much to interest you as it’s only manufactured in one single chrome finish. On the good side of things, the flange and plumber’s tape is included in the box. Anyway, note that this is not an extension unit. It can only be used to replace your existing shower arm and it must be connected directly to the water pipe on your wall through its male thread. Also, if your shower head diameter measures over 12-inch, this is not the right arm for you.

American Standard 1660.198.224 Shepherd’s Crook Wall Mount Shower Arm

American Standard 1660.198.224 12-Inch Wall Mount Shepherd's Crook Shower ArmA perfect pair for any rain shower head; that’s the best I can come up with to describe American Standard 1660.198.224. Featuring a nice shepherd’s hook shape, it will virtually put your rain shower head to face downright, helping improve the rain effect. Plus, since it is only 12-inch long, you can keep the shower head close to the wall, preventing the water to splash over your glass shower door. Less splashes, less maintenance; how can you not be happy with that? It also adds some height to your current flange which is nice as you no longer need to bend down uncomfortably. There are 4 different plating to choose from: oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, blackened bronze and satin nickel. As for the material, it’s made of high quality brass. Lastly, the standard 1/2-inch NPT thread is used so as to allow it to fit most pipes and shower heads.

Danze D481144 SIrius Chrome Shower Arm

Danze D481144 15-Inch Sirius Shower ArmNow if you don’t like how the shepherd’s hook look and prefer more modern design, you may find the love on Danze D481144. Featuring a minimalist and cutting-edge style, this would perfectly suit any modern and contemporary bathroom. Besides, the thread that’s meant for your shower head enables you to point it completely straight down, making it an ideal companion for rain shower head. Anyway, this is an extension unit and able to provide additional length of 15-inch from the wall. As for quality, it’s made of durable brass just like many top tier shower arms. All in all, I think it lives up to what its price has to say.