Complete Guide on the Best Rain Shower Heads

Standing under the pouring rain would be a pleasant experience if it were not because of the cold feeling you’d get afterwards. After all the hours at work, nothing is better than letting the rainfall wash away your fatigue and stress. So, as to give you with the same refreshing experience while also eliminating the cold, manufacturers started to come up with these best rain shower heads. With one of these installed in your bathroom, you’d literally have your own personal cloud that you can turn on each time you need the rain. Best of all, you get to set the water temperature to suit your needs.

What Are Rain Shower Heads?
The name should tell you enough of what it actually is. Rain shower heads are those which are specifically designed to imitate the rain. Depending on its size, some models require you to install it on the ceiling instead of on the wall like you usually do with common shower heads. Most of them come with multiple settings – i.e. drenching rain storm, low flow trickle, pulsating rain massage, etc. – that you can select to get the most of your shower. Some of the most advanced models are even capable of randomizing these settings so as to perfectly simulate natural rain.

What Are the Advantages for Using Rain Shower Heads?
If I were to ask you to choose between rain droplets or sharp water sprays, what would you answer? I believe most of you would prefer the first one as they provide a more relaxing feeling. And that’s just one advantage of having a rain shower head. Another good thing about it is that you no longer need to turn and move around in the shower just to rise the entire part of your body. Most shower heads in this category come in larger size, hence, offering more coverage for you to enjoy. Needless to say, your bathroom will also benefit from the modern attractive design it bears.

Top 5 Rain Shower Heads

Hansgrohe 27474001 Downpour Air Showerhead
Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR ShowerheadFor the quite hefty initial investment that you have to afford beforehand, you get this fancy rain shower head. Hansgrohe 27474001 offers a modern grand design polished in shiny chrome finish that won’t fade away with time. This is the one thing you need if you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom. Anyway, more than just appealing presentation, this shower head also has some nifty stuff up its sleeve. For starter, the company’s AirPower technology helps the water jet create warm and comfortable rain droplets that land pleasantly on your body. Additionally, it is manufactured with the QuickClean function. What it does is basically preventing any limescale buildups. All you need to do is just rub away the dirt that has accumulated on its nozzles and you’re good to go. You’re going to really appreciate this feature if your house has hard water issue. Sadly, this 9.5-inch shower head only has one shower mode.

Grohe 27135000 6.25″ Rainshower Showerhead
Grohe 27135000 Rainshower 6.25 inchLong gone are those days when your thoughts are still limited with the general misconception that size determines everything. Today, you must not associate smaller size with weaker performance. Grohe 27135000 may be only 6.25-inch large but it packs a whole lot of things that will blow you away. First thing first, you get to enjoy four different spray patterns that come with it: rain, jet, pure, and champagne. I especially love how the company describes “Champagne” mode as effervescent. The water is mixed with air to bring you this luxurious effect. Anyway, to switch from one setting to another, you just have to turn the rotatable spray face. Next, the StarLight chrome finish it gets can’t be more beautiful. Not only is it shiny and all, but also it makes this shower head resistant to any scratch and tarnish. To top it all off, the buildups that will appear n its nozzles after some time can be cleaned simply by wiping your fingers on it. No cleaning tools needed; no fuss.

Koko Brand Rain16 Greenspring Ultra Thin
Koko Brand Rain16 Ultra Thin Rain Shower HeadDue to its size which is 16-inch on each side, it is impossible to install Koko Brand Rain16 using the usual wall mount. The only way to have it up and running on your bathroom is to mount it on the ceiling. Good thing is this large rain shower head comes with a swivel adapter, so you can angle it better during shower for more thorough rinse. Anyway, this model is far more affordable than the previous two on the list, but for the lower price tag you don’t get the shiny and scratch-resistant chrome finish. Instead, you only get a unit that’s made of basic stainless steel. At least, it isn’t very bulky (only 2-mm thick), so you still get that nice contemporary look on your bathroom. There doesn’t seem to be any adjustable spray setting in this model. Likewise, cleaning and maintenance might not come very handy too, due to lack of quick cleaning feature an whatnot.

Delta RP52382 SIngle Setting Raincan Touch Clean Showerhead
Delta RP52382 Raincan Single-Setting ShowerheadYet another basic and affordable rain shower head in this list is Delta RP52382. Offering only one spray setting to its users, this model should be able to give a satisfactory experience to those who just want to feel rain droplets on their shower. The box only includes the shower head unit, which means you probably need to fetch an additional arm to complete the installation. On the other hand, it’s already equipped with a pivoting head in its connection allowing you to adjust its angle for better coverage. In addition, this 2.5 GPM shower head isn’t very large in size so it is very possible to turn it to a handheld unit. Of course, there’ll be quite some plumbing works you need to cover. All in all, I like this unit because even though it doesn’t come with a premium price tag, its sleek chrome finish makes it look like a big ticket stuff.

Waterpik RPB-173 Rainfall Drenching Showerhead
Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall ShowerheadOne of the lowest end products in Waterpik rain shower head series is this Waterpik RPB-173. With diameter measuring in at 6-inch, this unit is perfect for those who want to make a big save. It already comes with a shower arm, so you don’t need to pay extra for its installation. Did I tell you that the arm is adjustable too? Anyway, since it’s a basic model, don’t expect to find anything fancy on it except the chrome finish. It doesn’t even run on a standard 2.5 GPM. Good thing is the flow restrictor can be easily removed. So, if you ever find that the sprays are not strong enough, you can quickly take it out to get an immediate increase on both pressure and volume.