Best 5 Shower Kits That Won’t Make You Broke

Although it is probably not your primary option when setting up a main bathroom for your house, installing the best shower kit can help save you time and money too. Given that, it is always a good idea to have it when you start a secondary or guess bathroom. Besides, for the past few years, shower kits have been much improved in terms of aesthetical design and also functionality. The highest end of such kits may appear almost the same as beautiful and nice as a tiled shower without the high cost and all the fuss. With a large number of selections, you can pick out one that perfectly fits your budget.

Sterling PlumbingSterling PlumbingShower Plumbing$$4.7
Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice UniversalDelta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice UniversalShower Valve Body$$4.6
Delta T14294-SS Linden Shower TrimDelta T14294-SS Linden Shower Trim
Shower Trim$$4.7
Moen A701 Handshower Bracket ChromeMoen A701 Handshower Bracket ChromeShower Bracket$$4.9
Hansgrohe 88590820 Wallbar SliderHansgrohe 88590820 Wallbar SliderWallbar Slider$$4.5
Delta Faucet BT14296-OB Windemere Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower TrimDelta Faucet BT14296-OB Windemere Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower TrimShower Trim$$4.4
Delta Faucet T14251 Dryden Chrome Shower TrimDelta Faucet T14251 Dryden Chrome Shower TrimShower Trim$$4.4
Moen TS2713 90 Degree PosiTemp Tub and Shower Trim Kit without ValveMoen TS2713 90 Degree PosiTemp Tub and Shower Trim Kit without Valve/b>Shower Trim$$4.5

What Are Shower Kits?

It is that premade shower enclosure commonly sold in multiple pieces so as to give the users more flexibility during the assembling process. The material that is mainly used to construct a shower kit is fiberglass and acrylic. So in terms of durability, it should last more than a couple of years. Mostly, the box contains the shower base or floor, the front frame and door, as well as solid side panels. In some more expensive models, the shower fixture like the arm and shower head are included too. All in all, it’s a great solution for small bathroom and low budget bathroom remodeling.

What Are the Advantages of Using Shower Kits?

There are a whole lot of benefits for using a shower kit in comparison to making a new tiled shower from ground. First of all, it installs in a matter of hours not months which makes it perfect for emergency situation, like when your in-laws come for a visit on a short notice and you don’t have any guest bathroom. Secondly, since everything you need to set it up has been included in the box, the initial cost you need to afford is much lower. Next, it has room for mistakes. If you mess up during the installation, replacement parts can be bought for cheap.

Top 5 Shower Kits

1. OVE Breeze-36 Premium 36-Inch Shower Kit

OVE Breeze-36 Shower KitBeing the second largest model on the Ove’s premium line of shower kits, OVE Breeze 36 has a heap of good things to offer you. For starter, you get a really nice clear glass sliding door. This door is reversible, allowing you to decide to where it opens. Did I say that it is tempered and quite thick too (at 6-mm) too? So, no need to worry about it being too fragile. The wall panels and shower base are made of acrylic. Although there are a couple of mounted brackets on the walls to place your shower stuff, it doesn’t come with any pre-drilled holes for tapware. Again, this would mean more flexibility on your end. Anyway, this unit is meant to be placed on a corner and if you are much of a claustrophobic, its rounded front panels will make the overall enclosure feel much larger than it actually is.

2. OVE Breeze-34 Premium 34-Inch Shower Kit

OVE Breeze-34 Shower KitRight below the 36-inch shower kits by Ove, there is this OVE Breeze 34. As much as the features are concerned, it comes with everything its larger sibling has; the tempered clear glass front panel, acrylic base and wall kits, reversible sliding door, etc. So, this would pretty much be up to your personal preference and, of course, your budget. You know, smaller size means fewer materials are used which would result in lower price. If you do buy this one, you’ll be receiving the item in three separate packages. Open and check them immediately after they arrive, so you can make sure it doesn’t lack anything. Installation wouldn’t be much of a problem if you already have some DIY experience. The instructions are fairly easy to follow but you might not be too satisfied with the parts detailing the assembling of the wall kits. My advice is if you’re not too sure with what you’re doing, go hire a professional installer. It wouldn’t be too costly, I believe.

3. Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Shower Kit

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire Neo Angle Shower KitFeaturing an interesting protective technology called CleanCoat, the glass door is said to stay looking new all the time. The deal with this CleanCoat thing is that the water that splashes from your shower head won’t directly hit the glass. It’ll be stopped by an invisible coating that layers the glass door. And that’s just one thing from Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05. While the door doesn’t slide, the glass it’s made of is 1/4-inch thick and tempered too, giving it a feel of sturdiness. The shower base and wall kits are also not made of acrylic but in place of that, it features molded and high-impact polystyrene. It’s true that both are not of the same quality as acrylic is fairly better than polystyrene, but for that slight difference you get a nice pricing cut-down. Anyway, the 42-inch width written on its product description is kind of misleading. The real measurement inside the enclosure only gives you 38-inch of space.

4. DreamLine Infinity-Z Shower Kit

DreamLine Infinity-Z Shower DoorIn terms of actual dimension, Dreamline Infinity-Z Shower Kit is the largest so far in this list. To be specific, this shower kit is measured at 60-inch wide and 30-inch deep. It’s probably too small for two people but it won’t trigger your claustrophobia. Anyway, if your bathroom space doesn’t support the idea of having large shower enclosure, the kit’s width can be adjusted to be only 56-inch. The wall kits are made of acrylic; so is the shower base. The difference is that the base is reinforced using fiberglass to enable it to withstand bigger impact. Furthermore, it is also scratch resistant and safe enough to prevent any accidental slip. The walls are painted all white but instead of dull and boring smooth surface, it comes with attractive tile pattern. There are also a couple of minimalist corner shelves made of glass, making it look even more modern. I can’t see anything that may set you off of this fantastic shower kit except its hefty price tag.

5. DreamLine Solo 3 Frameless SHower Enclosure

DreamLine Solo 31 Frameless Sliding Shower EnclosureDreamLand is a leading brand in the shower kits industry, so it’s only natural that it has a wide range of products. If the previous one doesn’t impress you, this one might. DreamLine Solo 3 is a corner shower kit with rounded front door measuring in at 33-inch. The tempered glass door isn’t clear but it’s frosted. Which one is better, clear or frosted? Well, I’d say they both are the same. It’s only a matter of preferences. The base and wall panels are built out of the same acrylic and for your info, it also has that good looking tile pattern.